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LEFT BEHIND: The Movie - 'Left Behind: The Movie is a compelling account of scriptural truth regarding the future of mankind. It confronts human self-importance with the reality of our finite posturing compared to the eternal plan of God. It addresses issues which are common to every person alive today. Anyone who views this film should be ready to ask the questions, 'What if?'

-Bishop Kevin Mannoia, President, National Association of Evangelicals
CAP Analysis.
DECEIVED - A signal from beyond. An enemy from within. As top-secret experimentation in using paranormal powers as a new type of military weapon goes wildly wrong, an observatory receives confirmation of an extraterrestrial signal. As this edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller unfolds, it becomes clear that the signal has a dark secret -- and an even more ominous source. There is only one way out, but even if they can see it, will they believe it? A chilling 21st century supernatural thriller starring Louis Gossett, Jr., Judd Nelson, Deborah Odell, Michele Nolden. CAP Analysis.
THE MIRACLE OF THE CARDS - When a skeptical reporter (Kirk Cameron of Left Behind and Left behind II) is sent to investigate the "real facts" behind this incredible true-life story, he is expecting to uncover another over=sensationalized account of God supposedly intervening in the lives of faithful believers. What he finds is nowhere close to what he's expecting. A truly heart-warming tale of love and faith in the face of death, Miracle of the Cards will bring tears to your eyes and make even the toughest skeptics examine their own faith. Starring Thomas Sangster, Peter Wingfield, Richard Thomas, Catherine Oxenberg. CAP Analysis.
WATERPROOF - Eli Zeal is about to learn that to err is human ... to forgive divine. During a holdup attempt, Eli (Burt Reynolds), a Washington D.C. shopkeeper, is inadvertently shot by 10-year old Thaniel (Cordereau Dye), son of Tyree Battle (April Grace), a taxi cab driver. Tyree discovers what her son has done and kidnaps the wounded Zeal, taking him with her son to her small hometown of Waterproof, Louisiana. Tyree's family accepts what has happened and nurses Zeal back to health. During Zeal's convalescence, Tyree finds all is no longer the same with her mother Viola (Ja'net Dubois), grandfather Sugar (Whitman Mayo), alcoholic brother Big (Anthony Lee) and mentally-challenged brother Natty (Orlando Jones). CAP Analysis
JUDGMENT (Apocalypse IV) - The Supreme Court vs the Supreme Being. What if God was put on trial for crimes against humanity? This is the intriguing premise behind the story of JUDGMENT. A brilliant courtroom thriller with a spiritual twist. As outrageous as the situation may sound, it offers up many difficult issues and questions that require tough spiritual and moral decisions from the principal characters. This is the stuff of which great films are made. Overflowing with heart-felt drama and thrilling action and suspense. Starring Corbin Bensen, Jessica Steen, Mr. T, Nick Mancusco. CAP Analysis.
LEFT BEHIND II: Tribulation Force - Based on the book series phenomenon. A week after millions of people vanish into thin air, a desperate world turns to UN President Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie). Basking in the newfound adoration and trust of the world's population, Carpathia seems to have the entire planet at his command. But thousands of miles away, a small group, aware of Carpathia's true and sinister identity, is trying to share their knowledge with anyone who will listen. Calling themselves the Tribulation Force, world-renowned television journalist Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron), Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarance Gilyard), airline Captain Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) and his 20-year old daughter, Chloe (Janaya Stevens), embark on a dangerous mission to open the eyes of the world to the Truth. CAP Analysis.
REVELATION: The Book Has Been Opened (Apocalypse II) - Three months ago the unthinkable happened. The buttons had been pushed and misslies filled the sky. In moments it would all be over. The entire world could only wait. Then it happened. The nukes simply vanished! And, even more amazingly, so did 187 million people. The world has changed. The reign of the Messiah had begun. Or so it seemed. Counter-terrorism expert Thorold Stone (Jeff Fahey) is still trying to put the pieces of his life together. His wife and daughter were among those who vanished. Why them? Did they really stand in the way of world peace? It is a supernatural thriller as Stone and Willy Spino (Tony Nappo) try to uncover the secrets of the upcoming "Day of Wonders." Also starring Carol Alt, Leigh Lewis, David Roddis and Nick Mancuso. CAP Analysis.
TRIBULATION (Apocalypse III) - Tom Canborro (Gary Busey) led a simple, happy life. Surrounded by his loving wife Susie (Sherry Miller, his sister Eileen (Margot Kidder) and his wacky brother-in-law Jason (Howie Mandel (II), life made sense to the decorated police detective. But one evening all of that changed. On this night Tom finds himself battling more than thieves and thugs as he becomes entangled in the activities of an underground group who possess frightening psychic powers. And, more that that, he suddenly finds these powers unleashed and directed at his family. After years in a coma, Tom finds himself in a world unlike anything he could have ever imagined. Dark forces unleash their menacing powers as the battle for souls continues. The mark of the beast is everywhere and those who have not accepted it are being ruthlessly hunted down. Also starring Nick Mancuso, Leigh Lewis. CAP Analysis.
APOCALYPSE: Caught in the Eye of the Storm - Brosnon Pearl (Richard Nester) and Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis) are award-wining journalists caught in a frantic race against time to alert the world of the deadly deception of Franco Macalousso (Nick Mancuso), President of the European Union. Pearl, a hard-bitten skeptic, at first refuses to listen to the concerns of Helen Hannah. But as the evidence mounts, Pearl realizes they must not only run for their lives, the for the eternal souls as well. Pursued by O.N.E. (One Nation Earth) agents, Peal and Hannah race to uncover a power so evil that the very souls of humanity are at stake. Set against a backdrop of international intrigue and packed with exciting action drama, Apocalypse is an acknowledged Christian classic. CAP Analysis.
VANISHED: In the Twinkling of an Eye - Just Imagine. A prophecy drama that captures the panic and chaos in the moments following the rapture, is designed specifically as a soul-winning tool for those left behind, and features the solid biblical teachings of America's most trusted pastor and author, Pastor John Hagee. There you have Vanished, a new prophetic drama unlike anything you've ever seen. Imagine combining excitement of movies like Revelation and Apocalypse with the solid biblical teachings of Pastor John Hagee. Imagine seeing the end-times come to life while being guided, personally and spiritually, every step of the way, by Pastor Hagee. That is the vision of Vanished. Peering into the prophetic future, Pastor Hagee sees the greatest Harvest Field the world has ever known. It is a time of chaos, confusion and spiritual delusion. It is called the Great Tribulation. And because he believes that the Word of God is true, and that all of these things will soon come to pass, Pastor Hagee is sending this soul-winning message from our day to theirs. From him to those left behind.... But Vanished is also a powerful soul-winning tool in our day as well. As Pastor Hagee puts it, "the Bible says that today is the day of salvation. And while we are sending a message to those on the other side of the rapture, we challenge the viewers in our day to make sure that they are not among those left behind." CAP Analysis.

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