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(2004), PG-13
Analysis Date
CAP Final Score
CAP Influence Density
August 12, 2004
73 out of 100

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If Scriptural references appear, the full text appears at the end of the Summary / Commentary likely using a mix of KJV and NIV.

(2004), PG-13 -- ... nor one issue of sexual immorality noted.

Cast/Crew Details Courtesy Internet Movie Database
Production (US): Davis Entertainment
Distribution (US): Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Kut Films
Director(s): Paul W.S. Anderson
Producer(s): Gordon Carroll, John Davis, David Giler, Wyck Godfrey, Lawrence Gordon, Thomas M. Hammel, Walter Hill, David Minkowski, Henning Molfenter, Mike Richardson, Matthew Stillman, Chris Symes
Story: Paul W.S. Anderson
Screenplay: Paul W.S. Anderson
Characters: Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Cinematography/Camera: David Johnson
Music: Harald Kloser
Film Editing: Alexander Berner
Casting: Nancy Bishop, Donna Isaacson, Christian Kaplan, Suzanne Smith
Production Design: Richard Bridgland
Art Direction: Milena Koubkova, Adam O'Neil, Justin Warburton-Brown
Viewed At: Driftwood Theater 6

ALIEN vs PREDATOR - AVP. Aliens from Sigourney Weaver fame and Predators from Arnold Schwarzenegger fame do battle beneath the antarctic ice cap. Not for the possession of the Earth or to rule mankind but as enemies using a pyramid of Aztec, Egyptian and pre-Columbian design 2000 feet under the ice as their battlefield.

Do the Aliens win over the Predators or do the Predators win over the Aliens in this latest installment in the massively violent sci-fi flicks? My "bet" was the Aliens. A couple of the regulars who attend the screenings with me "bet" the Predators. Well!? Sigourney Weaver tried twice to kill the Aliens and she couldn't! Were one of the two factions actually trying to protect mankind? Who was mvp in AVP? I will not reveal the victor in case you decide to watch this "not-so-PG-13" PG-13 film of only 86 minutes. With a final score of 73, it is not another R-13 I will, however, tell you that we (the human race) do not lose.

There were nearly uncountable examples of extreme and massive violence (at least 23.7 per hour). There was one instance of sacrificial suicide. While many killings and deaths happened, they were incorporated into Wanton Violence/Crime instead of Murder/Suicide since this was warfare. [1 Cor. 15:33] There were also seven uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary and two uses of the most foul of the foul words which is likely the reason for the PG-13 rating, none of which were needed in any way. [Col. 3:8] There was also one use of God's name in vain without the four letter expletive. [Deut. 5:11] If this movie is closed-captioned, a curse filter should take care of the language problem. But there was not one issue of consumption of illegal drugs or smoking tobacco nor one issue of sexual immorality noted. There you have the reason for the seemingly atypical score for a PG-13 film.

Satellites of the Weyland Corporation discovered some heat plumes under the antarctic ice. Image mapping of the heat plumes revealed a pyramid 2000 feet under the ice. The aging and suffering Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) of the Weyland Corporation had a dream. When he was gone it would cause about a 12% loss - acceptable loss - of value of the Weyland Corporation so he wanted this discovery to be his time, his time to make a lasting impression by being the discoverer of the pyramid. Throwing safety to the wind, loss of lives notwithstanding, Weyland hired a group of scientists to investigate and lay claim to the pyramid in the name of Weyland.

Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan), who was to be the experienced expedition boss, warned Weyland that nobody would come back alive if she did not have a couple weeks to train them, She was wrong. But not very wrong. Woods initially refused to lead the expedition into sure death. But Weyland was certain that competition noticed the heat plumes and were on their way. He was hungry for that moment of glory attributed to first-to-find and hired a much less experienced leader. But Woods could not let that happen and agreed to lead the crew.

Conveniently, between the evening the expedition arrived at the abandoned whaling camp 2000 feet above the pyramid, abandoned since 1904, and the next morning a shaft about 12 feet in diameter appeared leading to the pyramid at a perfect 30 degree angle.

Taking advantage of the newly formed shaft and without a single test to determine whether it was safe, the crew descended to the first level of the pyramid. Maybe that shaft was put there by one of the invaders just to facilitate the ingress of the humans to the pyramid. Why? Maybe it was to help one side defeat the other. I wonder if the movie physics people will note the oddity of how there was breathable air 2000 feet below the ice for thousands of years with the only air access to the pyramid being the shaft which was only hours old.

In the end, the last remaining [Alien or Predator?] is dragged to the bottom of the antarctic ocean waters with temperatures that would kill a human in three minutes. Does it survive or is the story over? Will there be an Alien vs Predator II? A series?

The rest is for your discovery should you feel the listing of assaults on morality and decency in the Findings/Scoring section are at least tolerable. But that is your decision. We tell you what is there -- with brutal objectivity -- with mom/dad-in-mind so you, not we can decide whether this and other films are fit your children before you see them. A couple movie review services which claim to be family/child-oriented use our wording but that does not make them the CAP Ministry. They do not have our proven copyrighted objective analysis model. And won't. Ever. No matter how much we are copied. And they may claim to be objective but do you see them using prescribed investigation standards and mathematical operations in every analysis report? No. And since their standards are not prescribed, their standards are subjective, subject to the mood of the reviewer. Now I'll suppose they will start saying they use prescribed investigation standards and mathematical operations in every review. Yes, I am miffed at others using our intellectual as their own.

This film earned a final score equivalent to "hardcore" PG movies in the comparative baseline database because of the pleasant exclusion of any sexually immoral behaviors and any drugs/alcohol and because of only one use of God's name in vain and only one sacrificial suicide. But Alien vs Predator most certainly earned scores equivalent to R-rated movies in Wanton Violence/Crime and Impudence/Hate, giving more evidence of the several features of utility of the CAP analysis model to identify for you where any concentrations of ignominy lie. And how much. Features no other service can provide ... legally.

Please investigate the listing in the Findings/Scoring section before you make your decision whether this film is fit for your kids: a decision only you can make since no one can know your kids as well as you.


If needed to focus or fortify, applicable text is underlined or bracketed [ ] or bold. If you wish to have full context available, the Blue Letter Bible is a convenient source. If you use the Blue Letter Bible, a new window will open. Close it to return here or use "Window" in your browser's menu bar to alternate between the CAP page and the Blue Letter Bible page.

  • Col. 3:8 But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.
  • Deut. 5:11 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. [Vain is shav' {shawv}: emptiness, nothingness, vanity, such as an expletive. With or without the four letter expletive, the use of God's name in any way other than respect, reverence or thoughtful discussion is in vain. That includes the popular three syllable sentence with His name trailing it AND the misuse of Jesus' name.]

    ***Selected Scriptures of Armour against the influence of the entertainment industry***
  • Ps. 12:8 The wicked freely strut about [e.g., create progressively vile/offensive entertainment with impunity and no consequences and present it to younger and younger audiences every year] when what is vile is honored among men [when enough people continue to defend it, embrace it, pay for it, enjoy it, want it, submit to it. I call attention to Ps. 12:8 to warn of the creeping desensitizing power of "entertainment."]
  • Col. 2:8 Beware lest any man [by his influence] spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.
  • 1 Cor. 15:33 (KJV) Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (NIV) Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.
  • Rom. 5:19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.
  • Jude 4 For certain men* whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change [warp, distort, falsely represent, situationally redefine, counterfeit, conditionally apply] the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord. [*men: anthropos {anth'-ro-pos}, generic, a human being, whether male or female]
  • Matt. 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto [or for] one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto [or for] me.
  • Luke 17:2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. [cause by teaching or example]
  • Ps. 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.
  • John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
  • 1 Thess. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.


    As always, it is best to refer to the Findings/Scoring section -- the heart of the CAP analysis model -- for the most complete assessment possible of this movie.
    (The heart of the CAP Analysis Model)

    Alien vs Predator - AVP (2004) CAP Thermometers

    Wanton Violence/Crime (W)
  • wanton reckless endangerment of several
  • peril violence, repeatedly
  • many killings of and by alien, predator and human, repeatedly
  • action violence, repeatedly, some extreme
  • alien ripping out of chests
  • multiple entrapments
  • multiple humans to be sacrificed
  • many alien attacks, some quite graphic
  • long sequence of invader attack
  • many blade impalements/slicings
  • invader gore, repeatedly

    Impudence/Hate (I)
  • 7 uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary
  • 2 uses of the most foul of the foul words

    Sexual Immorality (S)
  • none noted

    Drugs/Alcohol (D):
  • none noted

    Offense to God (O)
  • one use of God's name in vain without the four letter expletive

    Murder/Suicide (M)
  • sacrificial suicide



    There are some in the entertainment industry who maintain that 1) violent programming is harmless because no studies exist that prove a connection between violent entertainment and aggressive behavior in children, and 2) young people know that television, movies, and video games are simply fantasy. Unfortunately, they are wrong on both accounts." And "Viewing violence may lead to real life violence." I applaud these associations for fortifying 1 Cor. 15:33. Read the rest of the story. From our more than eight years of study, I contend that other aberrant behaviors, attitudes, and expressions can be inserted in place of "violence" in that statement. Our Director - Child Psychology Support, a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist concurs. For example, "Viewing arrogance against fair authority may lead to your kids defying you in real life." Or "Viewing sex may lead to sex in real life." Likewise and especially with impudence, hate and foul language. I further contend that any positive behavior can be inserted in place of "violence" with the same chance or likelihood of being a behavior template for the observer; of being incorporated into the behavior mechanics and/or coping skills of the observer. In choosing your entertainment, please consider carefully the "rest of the story" and our findings.

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