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What Have We Done to Deserve Your Support?

  • We have provided thirteen years of service with no charge to the over 10,200,000 who have used our service ... and each has picked up Seeds. Seeds which Jesus can nourish to Salvation.
  • We have prepared more than 1200 film analyses serving His little ones by His Word through their parents, grandparents, pastors, youth ministers and other youth leaders.
  • Using the Word of God we revealed what Harvard University scientists revealed four years before  they did, and with it have revealed the relative position and movement of morality in modern entertainment and will continue to do so as long as funding makes it possible.
  • We have revealed for years that which the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association and several other professional health associations finally agreed to in a 2000 joint Congressional statement.
  • Some have admitted being led to Christ through the CAP Ministry.
  • Some have admitted to having developed a better understanding of the sly and subliminal masking of sin as they have never understood before.

    This Word-believing, Jesus-loving nonprofit Christian ministry  depends on you! PLEASE help us!

    Your pastor cannot do his job without your financial help. Neither can I.

    Your pastor has to feed his family. So do I. All eight of us (six adopted, one of them medically fragile who must be fed by GI tube into her stomach and requires daily breathing treatments)

    Your pastor has to provide clothing, shelter, health services and a plethora of additional daily, weekly and monthly needs of his family. So do I.

    Your pastor works fulltime for the ministry Jesus gave him. So do I.

    Your pastor has a staff, either paid or volunteer, to perform administrative and daily tasks. I don't.

    Donations are dangerously low and if the bills don't get paid the CAP Ministry service stops and the Seeds you plant through your support of this ministry stop.

    We cannot provide this service much longer unless everyone who uses our service, especially they who use it regularly, decides it is worth a little help regularly.

    I have been asking you all for a very long time to help us bring this service to the over 10,000,000 visitors. Visitors who might need them the most pick up Word-borne, Blood-blessed Seeds every time they visit.

    And the Seeds are working!
  • Hate mail has dropped off to a trickle.
  • Death threats have stopped altogether!
  • People are asking good questions!

    Even Hollywood producers are taking notice and inquiring.

    If you donate, especially regularly, you are part of the planting of those Seeds.

    We are applying His Word to what is quite possibly the most insidious and invisible way which grieves Jesus the most - influencing your kids (which includes at-home teens)!
  • Your donations to the CAP Ministry ARE tax-deductible. Receipts acceptable to the IRS provided upon request.

    It is now known inarguably that entertainment, whether intentional, shapes the values and beliefs of your kids.

    Don't you want to continue knowing objectively the content of films before you decide whether to let your kids watch them?

    Our service is free to you but it is NOT free of costs. P-L-E-A-S-E fervently pray for guidance and answer the call to give generously, regularly to the CAP Ministry.

    Indeed, if enough funding is provided we could bring you analyses of many more films, as many as 80% of all new film releases (and even more than just films) and provide many of the analyses days before the first showing. This would give you ample time to know the truth about the content of films.

    Then you might be in a better position to make an informed moral decision on your own whether an unseen film is fit for you and/or your family.

    All that is not to mention the improved research made possible by increased analyses made possible only by increased funding.

    This is NOT a nothing-better-to-do project, folks.

    We even proved what Harvard University proved four years before they did and we used God's Word to do it!

    This is a bona fide, IRS authorized, Word-believing, Jesus-loving nonprofit Christian ministry preaching God's perfect and inerrant Word and, through His Word, the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    We depend on your financial support just like your church.

    P-L-E-A-S-E give fervent prayer to generously helping us with the expenses of this free service.

    And PLEASE, above all, give this ministry your fervent prayer support. In His name. To His glory.

    We MUST launch this fund raising campaign. We implore you to help us pay the bills of this free service which is NOT free of costs and is NOT just a website. It is a full-throttle Christian ministry. If you are reading this, you are using this service which takes hundreds of dollars per week. Won't you please help us with the costs of bringing it to you? Join the precious few who have donated $20, $25, $75 and $100 every month for years or the even fewer who have donated $500, $700, $800, $1000, $1120 and as much as $2500 as a one-time gift.

    The ChildCare Action Project (CAP) Ministry is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to receive public support per section 501(c)(3). Membership to the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (EFCA) will be established when we can afford the fees and costs to do so.

    In Service to His Little Ones through their Parents and Grandparents in His Name by His Word

    Tom Carder
    ChildCare Action Project (CAP) Ministry
    P. O. Box 177, Granbury, TX 76048-0177 |
    A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Christian Ministry
    Please visit
    Read the Word, not just the words.

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    A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Christian Ministry

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