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What Does It Take - To Do One Analysis?

This page is to give you more detailed information about what it takes to prepare one analysis of a film or other communication medium. Though we have the following proceduralized, I have condensed it for this level 1 presentation (the plethora of level 2 and 3 details are not included though they each take time). The figures are estimates.

To conduct an analysis of one film:

First the film must be viewed personally. Our model will not permit film analysis or scoring without an investigator actually watching it. That entails getting to the theater, watching the film, then getting back. Typically, the local theater manager lets me view the film without charge since this is a nonprofit Christian ministry. But only the local theater manager. Films are viewed for violations of 80 prescribed investigation standards built on His Word and fractionated into the six CAP investigation areas (W, I, S, D, O M). Findings are annotated on a specially-prepared form during viewing. This takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Numeric values must now be assigned to each line item in the listing of findings revealed during the viewing. This step typically takes from 0.25 hour to 0.75 hour.

After all forms (five) are opened and organized, the data gathered and identifying information must be input into the CAP analysis computer model which uses more than 30 mathematical operations/equations per report to generate the scoring distribution. This is the "number-crunching." Doing this manually would take a couple hours but by computer it typically takes about 0.5 hour.

Then the graphic display (the CAP thermometers) must be prepared, the boxart and cast/crew data must be obtained and prepared compatible with our page configuration. These activities typically take about 0.5 hour to 1.0 hour.

The listing of hand-written findings must be prepared into electronic form. How long this takes depends on the extent of the listing, PG-13 and R-rated films take longer than G or PG-rated films. The range of time needed varies from 0.5 hour to 1.0 hour.

Once the above steps are completed the Summary/Commentary must written and the Scriptures researched for verses applicable to noted behaviors/images. This step is the most time-consuming, requiring 2.0 to 3.0 hours, sometimes longer.

At this point, the data/information must be entered on a special template to facilitate a single source for building the text-only email version and the webpage version of the analysis report. This usually requires 0.5 hour to 1.0 hour.

Once the single source form is complete, data/information is reorganized as needed to be compatible with the resulting configuration. The CAP email newsletter (the text-only version) and the HTML MAR Basepage form (the online version) are built. To transfer and reconfigure data/information and place all the text and graphics into html and the text-only email newsletter typically requires 1.5 to 2 hours.

The final step is to upload the html page to the website and transmit the newsletter. This typically requires only about 0.25 hour.

The analysis process requires from 7.5 hours for the shorter and less complex films to 12.0 hours for the longer and more complex films. These time estimates do not include the time needed for "level 2 and 3" details such as updating dependent webpages, uploading them and creating new folders which doesn't take much time but takes time nonetheless. And the email portion of this ministry can consume an additional 4.0 to 6.0 hours per day.

An estimate of the time and travel (local only) costs, expenses and fees associated with only conducting an analysis of one film is $353.00. This figure includes a portion of life / health / medical / dental insurance, other living expenses and lesser office supplies but not equipment, vehicle and its insurance, hardware/software, phone, development, etc., nor the time for the level 2 and level 3 activities.

I hope this helps you understand the complexity and depth and thus the costs associated with a CAP analysis of but a single film. The CAP Ministry is not a fly-by-night, nothing-better-to-do outfit. We are a bona fide, full-force nonprofit Christian ministry authorized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Texas.

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