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CAP anlayses of movies/films have become very popular with parents and grandparents. We have received a high volume of special requests. We would be happy to do so but due to financial restraints we must ask for support. This free service is not free of expenses.

For each title requested to be analyzed we must ask for a donation of as much of $350.00 as possible. All donations to the CAP ministry are tax-deductible. Note that we will not conduct analysis of what we consider pornography such as NC-17/X or more severe. Movies to be analyzed must be available from major chain video rental stores such as Blockbuster in VHS or DVD format unless a VHS or DVD of the subject movie(ies) is/are provided with your request. Producers, directors and other filmmaking professionals are also welcome to submit a screener's DVD of their work with a press kit (if available) for CAP analysis. In any case, include instructions whether the VHS or DVD is to be returned plus packaging & postage if it is to be returned.

Each title for which CAP analysis is requested must be treated as a separate request. To request an analysis or analyses, go to the Special Request CAP Analysis Form, and follow the instructions on it. If you request a receipt for your donation, a receipt will be sent to you in the self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) you provide . If we cannot or will not conduct analysis of the requested movie, your donation will be returned in your SASE unless you authorize us to keep the donation so indicated in the lower right portion of the form. Depending on our financial status at the time, requests without the donation(s) may be discarded. If the discarded request is accompanied by a VHS/DVD of the movie(ies) it/they will be returned if you provide instructions, packaging and postage to do so. Allow ten (10) days per title from receipt of your request.

The ChildCare Action Project (CAP) is a nonprofit Christian ministry. We rely on public support. If you wish to contribute to the CAP, please send your donations to

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Your gifts are tax deductible in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Codes.

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