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Homosexual Group Targets Schools

This article is written by John Freeman of Harvest USA. From the September 1997 issue of Tennessee Citizen, published by The Family Institute in conjunction with Focus on the Family's Citizen magazine, and provided by and with permission from Nelson Griswold III, Vice President for Policy of the Family Institute, Nashville, Tennessee: "With students heading back to school, I thought the following article we just published would be of interest to those wondering just what our children are are learning in school."

While Mr. Freeman wrote the article for Tennessee citizens, you can easily replace the name "Tennessee" with "YourState" and the article will apply just as well.

Mr. Freeman echoes me in that homosexuality is indeed not an innate or inherited trait - I hold it is purely a matter of choice! For every Kinsey-style report and other so-to-speak scientific report that claims homosexuality is - for some - normal and natural and healthy, I'll betcha I could find two or three scientific reports to refute that speculation - probably the greatest report being the Holy Bible. Please understand that the homosexuals try to incorporate kids into a sexual lifestyle - homosexual of course - at an age before the kids even know what "sexual" is: before they are "corrupted with heterosexuality." While this technique is extremely low, cheap, and detestible, it sometimes works - at least to deeply confuse children to the point of acceptance to avoid further confusion and pressure - and the homosexual community knows it!

Let me once again state that while we are indeed charged by the Word to hate homsexuality, we are to love the homosexual and do what we can to bring him/her into the Light and Truth of God's Holy Word and to the acceptance of the Blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ: to understand that Jesus loves every one of us so much that He would have permitted that which killed His flesh even if it would have saved only one of us - any one of us!

Herein you will find that all than glistens is not gold.

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Homosexual Group Targets Schools

by John Freeman

Unknown to many in Tennessee, an aggressive pro-homosexual movement is having a serious impact on schools across the nation. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN, pronounced "glisten"), headquartered in New York City, is working-quite successfully-to influence policy in public and private educational circles. [EDITOR'S NOTE: GLSTN has just changed its name to GLESN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Its mission and tactics remain the same.]

Boasting over 40 chapters nationwide and a membership of 4,000, GLSTN is comprised of teachers, students and parents. The largest national organization of its kind, GLSTN is "working to insure schools are places where all people are respected and valued, regardless of sexual orientation," according to its literature. GLSTN says it is attempting to raise awareness among teachers and students about the impact of "anti-gay bias" on campus.

Although GLSTN has yet to establish a presence in Tennessee, the group has chapters in a circle of states surrounding Tennessee: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and Missouri. With the large, active homosexual communities in Nashville and Memphis, I expect that GLSTN will organize a Tennessee chapter at any time. [Find out if your state has a GLSEN chapter at their web site. Go to and click on the "Chapters" button.]

As a Chattanooga native and UT graduate, I have a personal interest in Tennessee. Additionally, my Philadelphia-based ministry, Harvest USA, has been invited to open a Tennessee office. So, naturally, I am concerned about the activities of pro-homosexual groups in the state.

When GLSTN arrives in Tennessee, here's what it says you can expect.

GLSTN sponsors several programs aimed at reaching youth with a pro-gay message. GLSTN's in-school programming includes "curriculum development such as a Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual History Project and support programs such as Gay-Straight Student Alliances."

At the beginning of each school year, GLSTN sponsors its "Back-to-School Campaign," which encourages "lesbian/gay/bisexual adults and their allies [to] mount a major education campaign through letters back to their former schools... to change the `hearts and minds' of [the] leaders who control our schools." GLSTN successfully developed and implemented a statewide, gay-affirming curriculum for the Massachusetts Department of Education. It is now attempting to take this curriculum nationwide.

Additionally, GLSTN uses videos to reach teachers and school administrators with its message. It has been responsible for the wide circulation of two videos, Teaching Respect For All and It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School.

It's Elementary, a feature-length documentary, attempts to make a compelling case for including gay issues as part of "multicultural" education. This video serves as "a window into how teachers can find ways to teach children about gay issues," particularly in elementary- and middle-school classrooms. The Tennessee premier of It's Elementary occurred in Murfreesboro this past February during the Southeastern Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual College Conference held at Middle Tennessee State University. To date, however, there have been no reports of either film being shown in Tennessee classrooms.

In my opinion, this movement represents a dangerous threat to the welfare of students. Admittedly, students who already have identified themselves as homosexual may need protection from students who might see them as a target. As Christians, we should want no one to experience scorn or emotional or physical harm because they are homosexual. But underneath GLSTN's seemingly noble cause lies a hazardous agenda.

It is outrageous to try to identify and empower kids to enter into the homosexual lifestyle. Many pre-teens are confused about their sexual identity. Gay movements like this one seize upon this vulnerable time and, in too many cases, unduly influence teens.

Any effort, including this one, that targets America's schools and says that homosexuality has to be affirmed in order to conquer homophobia (fear, hatred or intolerance of homosexuals) is seriously flawed. It is a mockery of the role of the educational system to assert that children, as young as elementary-school age, need to be identified, singled out, affirmed and encouraged to accept a sexual identity-one that has devastating, lifelong emotional, spiritual and physical consequences. These efforts result in nothing less than propaganda which takes no captives, but only corrupts the hearts and minds of a precious asset-our children.

John Freeman is executive director of Harvest USA, a ministry providing information, services and programs to those desiring freedom from homosexuality and to their families. For more information, call (215) 342-7114.

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