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Jodi and Paul Hoffman sent me this factsheet to share with you - and I am very happy to do so. The factsheet begins after the next bluebar divider. Text in the factsheet is black and is verbatim from the factsheet from the Hoffmans. Text in burgandy typewriter font is my comments and supporting findings which will grow as CAP research continues. But first, please bear with me and let me say a thing or two. However, if you are pressed for time you are, of course, welcome to go directly to the factsheet

I, as many did, grew up with Mickey, Donald, Goofey and a whole parade of other Disney characters. Each provided a wholesome, fun-filled experience. Now I have to be concerned whether Mickey will kiss Donald on the mouth or do other things associated with gender perversity and distortion. And I now have to be concerned even about the subliminal homosexual expressions made on video tape covers from Disney. What kind of further destruction can Disney do? How is it we as consumers have lain idle for so long that a long-trusted giant of wholesome family entertainment has become a destroyer of proper, Bible-based gender identity? And they do it almost invisibly - invisibly at least to the children who develop character from that which they observe; invisible to their at-the-moment understanding, but not invisible to their long-term character development!

Many of us have come to trust the Dove Foundation for reliable evaluations of movies and for wisdom regarding wholesome values and morality. However, I need tell you of the position of the Dove Foundation regarding the Disney boycott. In Hollywood Uplink, a monthly publication of the Dove Foundation titled "IS THE DISNEY BOYCOTT A PROPER RESPONSE?" dated July 17, 1997 Dick Rolfe, President of the Dove Foundation said about the boycott of the Disney Company by the Southern Baptist Church

"Should I spend my money supporting movies made by a corporation under attack by the largest Christian denomination in America? Since you asked me. . . Yes. I believe that boycotts should be activity or product-specific where possible."

I ask "How can you be activity and/or product-specific? If I buy, for example, a toothbrush with Disney trademarks, how am I to be assured that the profits of that purchase will be applied only to Disney activities and products which are goldy and wholesome (which I have not seen for quite some time now)." Kinda makes me wonder whether the Dove Foundation is maybe lowering its threshold of acceptability and its standards of morality and wholesome values - I hope not.

I not only support the Disney boycott because of the homosexual and lesbian propensity of Disney, but for the apparent pro-arrogance, anti-Christian and even anti-family and anti-parental authority trend of Disney.

This page will be updated with new information as I get it. Please consider visiting us again soon. Thank you.

Thomas A. Carder
ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)


FACT: From the Washington Times of October 8, 1998, p.A8 we see that Disney opposes the Internet porn bill, Child Online Protection Act (COLPA) which would restrict chlid pornography material on the Internet. Imagine that?

Disney lobbyists tried to stop the much-needed bill. According to Congressional sources (per Julia Duin of the Washington Post) Disney opposes the bill because it would prevent Disney from marketing adult movies online. The bill passed the Senate with ease as an amendment to another bill, and seems to have little opposition in the House.

Care to guess who opposed the bill in addition to Disney? Well, since you've asked, I'll tell you: America Online, Microsoft and, will wonders never cease, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). While an MPAA spokesman defended opposition to the bill, Microsoft was not available for comment. No information regarding AOL's opposition to the bill was given, but I suspect you can guess why Mr. Gates opposes the child porn bill. Might it have something to do with the new age, humanist, enlightened distortion of the freedom of speech?


FACT: Disney recently bought Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion. On March 19, ABC aired a "Dana Carvey Show" program which featured jokes and laughter about alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction. The same show had a skit called "Under Five on Comedy Central" in which children made crude jokes and resorted to name-calling. Also on the show, Carvey portrayed George Washington using cocaine and Ben Franklin in bed with another man. The same program had a cartoon skit entitled "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" in which two Superman-style heroes are homosexual lovers and drive a super car shaped like male genitalia. Finally, a "Celebrity Bloopers" spoof featured 17 uses of the F-word (bleeped out, of course; but its intent was clear). What more can our children and families expect from ABC?

Regarding blooper type programming, I don't know which of them are are Disney-produced or Disney-supported, but EVERY ONE I've seen has had some sort of programming drawing undeniable attention to the human male posterior or crotch or to underwear - EVERY ONE. In one of them, I believe it was bloopers of newscasts, presented ostensibly a sporting offical being impaled with a javelin - and the sound associated with it was howling laughter. I'm sure it was not funny to the official who was impaled. This type of programming (and many others) takes its invisible toll on the character and values of your children whether we want to believe it or not!

FACT: Disney dropped its 17 year-old "Glory and Pageantry of Christmas" display (one of Disney's few concessions to the fact that Christmas is Christian) near Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and replaced it with "Tropical Santa." Elements of the new festival include, "Santa Claus, tree lighting and caroling with tropical elements such as Caribbean and Jazz reditions of Christmas music, a musical stage show with 'Tropical Santa", street perfomers for kids, a lighted parade and a holiday sing-a-long and fireworks finale."


FACT: In June, 1996, Disney helped promote the 6th annual "Gay and Lesbian Day at Walt Disney World." Disney has allowed the homosexual organizers to portray Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as homosexual lovers; and Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as lesbians.

By my resentment in this, I drew a image of Mickey Mouse with an earring in his right ear (a homosexual "trademark") and was going to post it to the intro of this page. But by the sage wisdom of a friend, I did not post it for fear of copyright infringement. I wish you could see it - it 'tells it like it is.'

FACT: Disney has extended company health benefits to live-in partners of homosexual employees (the policy does not cover unmarried heterosexual couples who live together). -The Orlando Sentinel, 10/7/95; USA Today, 10/19/95; Daily Variety, 10/9/95

This is not to say that we argree that a man and a woman should live together out of wedlock.

FACT: Disney president Michael Eisner is quoted as saying he thinks 40% of Disney's 63,000 employees are homosexual. -AFA Journal 6/97

FACT: Disney has the largest homosexual employee organization in the entertainment industry.

The immediately previous two points represent the "extra pound that broke the camel's back" and pushed me over the theeshold into joining the Disney boycott movement.

FACT: Disney helped underwrite the 1993 Hollywood benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. -The Press Enterprise, 12/28/93

FACT: Disney advertised in Out, a homosexual magazine. -Out, 2/94

FACT: Tom Shumacher, Disney VP of feature animation, is an open homosexual who takes his "husband" to executive retreats. In an interview with the homosexual publication The Advocate, Shumacher said: "There are a lot of gay people (at Disney) at every level. It is a very supportive environment." -Human Events, 8/12/94; The Advocate 6/25/94

I wonder whether Disney has or will take 'discplinary action' against employees or has or will refuse applicants based on their disagreement with the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle and agenda.

FACT: According to monitoring by American Family Association, Disney has been one of the top sponsors of pro-homosexual TV programming.

FACT: Disney hired Victor Salva, a convicted child molester, to direct its movie POWDER. When Salva's victim, Nathan Winters (now 20), publicized the hiring, some of the police officers who investigated the 1987 molestation were incredulous that Salva was working again as a movie director. "It just blows me away," said Officer Gary Primavera. One Disney official, John Dreyer, refused to respond to Winter's demand that Disney fire Salva, saying, "What's the point other than you want to make headlines?" That's compassion for you. -Washington Times, 10/25/95

FACT: In the May, 1995, issue of BUZZ magazine, contributing editor Steven Gaines reports that a homosexual rights activist said that she was once told by Disney chairman Michael Eisner that "as many as 40% of the company's 63,000 employees might be gay." Thomas Schumacher, an open homosexual and one of the guiding lights behind Disney's billion-dollar hit, THE LION KING, added, "...there are a lot of gay people here at every level." BUZZ is described as a magazine which "provides readers with perspective on personalities, politics, culture and commerce of Los Angeles, California." The cover story, entitled "Disney Comes Out of the Closet," also reported that Disney has the "largest lesbian and gay employees organization in the entertainment industry" and that the perception of Disney as having many homosexual employees is "well founded." In addition to Schumacher, BUZZ names prominent openly homosexual Disney executives: production vice president Lauren Lloyd of Disney's Hollywood Pictures; studio producer Laurence Mark; supervising animator Andreas Deja, the man responsible for the character of Gaston in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST; senior vice president at Disney's interactive division Steven Fields; Rick Leed, who heads the production company that produces the television sitcom HOME IMPROVEMENT. Disney training coordinator Jimi Ziehr said that at Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida, "gays outnumber the straights at Futureland operations, and there's nothing in the closet at Guest Relations." -Buzz, 5/95

I have taken my family to Disney World in Florida three times - never again will I willingly or knowingly set foot on Disney property!

FACT: Mark Gill, the president of Disney-owned Miramax (the company which released the anti-Catholic movie "Priest"), admitted that his company thrives on racy, often violent promotion for its movies. PRIEST is a pro-homosexual movie which depicts five Catholic priests as perverts and blames their perversion on Church teachings. One priest is a homosexual; a second an adulterer; a third an alcoholic; a fourth demented; and the fifth just plain mean and vicious. The film is blatantly anti-Christian. -Daily Variety 9/13/95, -The Advocate, 4/4/95, 4/18/95; Family Issues Alert, 3/30/95

FACT: Disney-owned Miramax released the homosexual movie, "Lie Down With Dogs." -Daily Variety, 5/16/95

FACT: CHICKS IN WHITE SATIN (Hollywood Pictures) is a film about a lesbian couple who decide on a semitraditional "commitment celebration." -Glamour, 8/9/94/B

FACT: JEFFERSON IN PARIS (Disney backed) spreads the smear (initiated by his political rivals, but discounted by historians) that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by a 13-year-old slave girl. -Insight, 12/5/94/B

More history revisionists (I say 'distortionists) in action.

FACT: Diane Disney Miller, Walt's daughter, publicly condemned the Disney company's involvement with Oliver Stone's historically inaccurate movie, "Nixon." In a letter Miller wrote to the Nixon family, she said, "I am ashamed that the Walt Disney Company - the company my father created - is associated with this disturbing distortion of history." Not surprisingly, Disney officials refused to comment on the letter. -USA Today 12/20/95; Daily Variety, 12/20/95; Commercial Appeal, 12/21/95

FACT: COLOR OF NIGHT (Hollywood Pictures) shows co-stars Bruce Willis and Jane March entwined in numerous sex scenes featuring full frontal nudity. -Entertainment Weekly, 6/10/94; Daily Variety, 6/15/94

FACT: THE ADVOCATE (Miramax) is filled with nudity, the movie was rated NC-17 (formerly the X rating) but on appeal (and after cutting out a 12-second sex scene) it was given an R. -Daily Variety, 8/17/94

FACT: CLERKS (Miramax), a black and white film about New Jersey convenience store clerks, was originally rated NC-17 because graphic and sexually explicit language is woven throughout the film. On appeal, it was given an R-rating. -Daily Variety, 10/12/94

FACT: KIDS (Miramax) was described by Variety magazine as "one of the most controversial American movies ever made." According to Newsweek, "the film follows a number of barely pubescent looking boys and girls around New York City as they smoke pot, bait gays, beat a black man and engage in graphic sex." Under pressure, Disney formed an independent company to market and distribute the ['child'] pornographic movie. -Daily Variety, 1/27/95; Newsweek, 2/20/95; Wall Street Journal, 3/30/95; Associated Press, 6/29/95/B

FACT: Disney signed Martin Scorsese, the director of "The Last Temptation of Christ," to a 4-year contract. -Daily Variety, 1/30/96

This is another example of the anti-Christian direction Disney seems to be taking.

FACT: Disney hired avowed lesbian Lauren Lloyd for the specific purpose of developing female and lesbian movies. OUT magazine, a homosexual publication, praised Disney: "Like it or not, lesbians are not yet chic entertainment attractions for a lot of America. With Lloyd and Disney on our side, though, anything is possible." -Out, 11/94

FACT: Disney considers buying RIPE, a movie about the deflowering of 14-year-old twins. -Newsweek 2/12/96

One of the items on the homosexual agenda is to lower the age of consent. This movie about early-pubescent sexual awakening is yet another attempt to do that using the same technique advertisers use - saturate the 'market' with repetition. The entertainment media, including Disney, does the same with material to encourage lowering the threshold of acceptability.

FACT: Disney hired Kevin Smith to produce two movies: (1) "Dogma" attacks Christianity by asserting that Christian beliefs are little more than Christian mythology. (2) "Chasing Amy" is an account of a man's pursuit of a lesbian. -Daily Variety, 11/3/95

FACT: PULP FICTION (Miramax) is a seedy, hyper-violent movie starring John Travolta. It had an NC-17 rating before editing gave it an R rating. -Entertainment Weekly, 6/10/94; Daily Variety, 6/15/94

FACT: In the 1994 Disney movie THE SANTA CLAUSE, the number of an actual phone sex line appears in the film aimed at children and families. -Associated Press, 5/1/96

FACT: The Southern Baptist Convention voted Wednesday June 12, to urge its 16 million members to boycott the Walt Disney Company's theme parks, films, toys - all things Disney.

FACT: Disney `Stonewalling' Brings Women's Group into Boycott
WASHINGTON (BP)--The Disney Company fumbled a supposed attempt to reach out to Southern Baptists and others, in the process pulling a 500,000-member women's organization into the boycott of the entertainment giant and causing other groups to consider such action.

John Cooke, Disney's executive vice president of corporate affairs, pulled out of a meeting he had scheduled July 23 in Washington with pro-family organizations critical of the company's productions and policies. It was the second time Cooke had withdrawn from such a meeting, participants said. The Disney representative who replaced Cooke listened to concerns but offered no plan or commitment todeal with them, participants said. (BP 7-23-97 By Tom Strode)


FACT: In "The Little Mermaid," a scene depicts a priest becoming noticeably aroused while presiding over a wedding. Also, a castle spire on the jacket art for the video resembles a phallus. [A phallus is a representation of the male member]

Not only does The Little Mermaid contain the above sexual material, it is replete with arrogance, individual supremacy, and the "It ain't good enough, no matter what 'it' is" attitude.

FACT: In "Pochahontas," Disney consored out the historical fact that the heroine in the story converted from paganism to Christianity.

Many people don't realize Pochahontas is anti-Christian. In a warm and heroic theme, it promotes Pantheism - worship of the earth as God.

FACT: Actors Ernie Sabella and Nathan Lane said in a New York Times interview that the characters they played (Timon, the meerkat, and Pumbaa, the wart hog) in THE LION KING are "the first homosexual Disney characters ever to come to the screen...." -NY Times, 6/12/94


FACT: Hyperion Press, a Disney-owned subsidiary, has published "Lettin' It All Hang Out," the autobiography of RuPaul, a well known "drag queen" (transvestite) entertainer.

FACT: Hyperian Press also published "Growing Up Gay," written by three homosexual comedians, the book is aimed at "gay youngsters who were bred by heterosexuals."

Another item of the homosexual agenda is the attempts to secure rights for them to adopt children. Take that thought wherever you want to go with it.

FACT: According to Harper's Magazine, Hyperion is planning to publish Daniel Harris' book about "gay culture."


Support this boycott with your purchasing power, letters, phone calls and influence.

TELEPHONE 818-560-1000

The Southern Baptist Convention voted Wednesday June 12, to urge its 16 million members to boycott the Walt Disney Company's theme parks, films, toys - all things Disney.

Please send copies to R.A.M.P. of letters, etc. We would be happy to add you to our rapidly-growing list of boycotters. Remember: Everyone needs support, encouragement and wisdom from other people. People united behind a common goal can achieve more than a single person can.

You are welcome to send me any reports you wish about Disney's homosexual agenda, and that which seems their anti-Christian and anti-family agenda. The reports that can be confirmed will be posted here and will be shared with all interestd persons and organizations. Be sure to leave with me the source and any information necessary to give credit where credit is due, including yourself.

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