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Let us take a look at that idea for a moment then you decide for yourself.

If I were a betting man ...

Answers this. How many people have you actually seen murdered? And not through a camera, not on film, video, paper or screen but in actual real life? Twenty? Ten? Two? I'd bet not nearly as many as you have seen "murdered" in the movies.

How many people do you actually know on a first-name basis and by face-to-face recognition by all parties involved who have killed 52 people? Five? No? One? None I'd bet.

How many people do you actually know who have busted out of prison by killing others? None I'd bet.

And more pointedly, how many teenage girls do you know on a first name basis in daily life who have bared their chest for a neighborhood boy's video camera? Ten? No? Five? No? Two? No? None I'd bet.

Even more pointedly, how many neighborhood fathers do you know on a first name basis who have killed another neighborhood father because the murdering father thought he saw the victim father engaged in immoral sex with his son? None I'd bet.

Then do movies really reflect the real world in which you personally live? Or do movies rather paint your perception of the real world for you?

We have become so drugged by the narcotics of extremes in and as entertainment that what once was morally unacceptable has become morally invisible. It may be that our "real world" is tending to reflect what we are told in movies.

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