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Many folks have asked "Why do you put up with all the hate mail, all the threats, all the ridicule and intolerance?" From the following email it should be easy to see why.

The following is reprinted verbatim with permission from one of our visitors. The emailer (name withheld to prevent identity theft) titled his email "Divine Accident." Only God knows how many others have experienced the same "divine accident" because of what Jesus has us doing.

Divine Accident

My name is --- ---. I'm a New Zealander and I'm just posting to let you know how I found salvation in a large part by "accidentally" clicking on to your sight. I asked Jesus into my life at about five but I didn't have the proper understanding of sin so I just thought I was a Christian. As I grew older I started making the predictable attempt of "doing just enough not to go to hell." In 2002 when I was 20 I began descending into a movie addiction which was pretty extreme. This will shock you, but I'll sum up how sick my mind was. I was watching South Park BLU and there was a scene where Satan and Saddam are potrayed as homosexual lovers and I tried to justify that it was OK for a Christian on the grounds of mocking Satan. That was how low I had descended. Anyway I was trying to get right with God while at the same time hanging on to my sin. I had always felt that God was sadistic and didn't want me having fun. Anyway I was browsing movie sight a couple of years ago and when I clicked onto yours I somehow knew it was no accident. I didn't want to properly confront my sinful nature, but something drew me to keep looking, partly a game when I would guess a score for a movie that I'd seen, which I grew pretty good at. Anyway I felt increasing condemned. With my movie going I felt watching The Passion might help me gain an appreciation of what Jesus did to save me from hell. I was quite moved. I was going through a process of being born again, I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened. Anyway things were moving. I soon felt compelled to have a complete break from movies which was the best thing I ever did as I was able to break away from my addiction. I now have an appreciation of a God who saw ever lurid, gruesome detail of my life and loved me enough to die for me anyway and that the stuff that I found "fun" was only causing me harm. I always reckoned it was God's fault I was bad because he made me but I know now that he gave me a choice and was prepared to offer a way to put things right. I hope you can get encouragement that your work is making a difference. Now I've been released from Satan's hold I'm trying to work out how I can convince people that they're ignoring the thundering internal voice demanding "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't send you to hell."

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