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CAP Rule of 1000

The CAP Rule of 1000 addresses a relatively new cinematographic technique of loading a movie with tons of "lesser" issues of assaults on wholesome morality to get the same effect or "feel" of a more severe movie which uses fewer but more extreme and bold issues of immorality. The CAP Rule of 1000 states that a movie which presents, for example, 100 examples of bad behaviors/images of lesser severity, each worth only 10 "bads" (Movie A) is just as negatively influential as a movie of the same length that presents only 10 examples of bad behaviors/images but of more extreme severity each worth 100 "bads" (Movie B). Both movies are worth 1000 "bads."

Some modern PG and most PG-13 movies are examples of the CAP Rule of 1000. And what is really bad about this is that most of us have become so accustomed to frequently hearing and seeing issues of assault on morality and wholesome ethics in and as entertainment that the lesser examples assaults on morality have become invisible to us, creating the "Gimme a break!" syndrome toward our pointing them out. We have become so morally numbed by the narcotics of progressive moral decay and use of graphic extremes in and as entertainment that what once was morally unacceptable has become morally invisible.

And by discussion with our Director - Child Psychology Support, the CAP Rule of 1000 is not quite linear. Meaning that for two movies of the same length which each earn the same "bads" score, the movie that presents many examples of lesser "bads" is indeed more negatively influential than the movie with the fewer but more severe "bads." I add that the degree of influence of the loading described above is not linear with age: that younger viewers are more sensitive to the effects of using tons of "lesser" examples of assault on wholesome morality vice fewer more extreme examples than older viewers, depending for the most part on the viewer's level of experiential maturity and coping skills.

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