September 21, 1999

  • I no longer see a movie until I have read the CAP analysis.
  • I can always depend on you, to give me an honest review.
  • I have come to trust your analysis so much...
  • I share your analyses with...
  • My 16 yr old son regularly asks for the opportunity to find out what the "real" rating is for a movie before he considers seeing it.
  • I would like to applaud you for the outstanding job you are doing... I want to be able to be above reproach and teach [my nine brothers and sisters] how to keep their minds and hearts pure, that God may use their lives to teach others of His love. Your site has helped me to do that.

    These are a few of the very strong comments we have received about our nonprofit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry! More comments are available from our "What People Say About Us" page.

    After four years of amazingly successful testing and proof of these CAP Entertainment Media Analysis Reports, we are introducing an opportunity for you to advertise on the opening screen of our media analysis web pages.

    A graphic/text link of your choice (subject to CAP approval) will be posted on the analysis web page(s) you choose as in the example on the graphic above. Even if you have no website, we can post information about your service or product(s), address, and phone. To initiate participation, you must notify us by email as early as possible with a name and a phone number. First come, first served.

    Options all in minimum 1" x 1" blocks
    (72 x 72 pixels at 800 x 600 resoluton):
    A: 1 month -- a gift of $30 per block per web page
    B: 2 months -- a gift of $52 per block per web page
    C: 3 months -- a gift of $65 per block per web page
    5% for 2 one-block ads
    10% for 3 one-block ads
    15% for 4-block ads*
    * reserved to the areas to the right of and below the title block.

    Each additional month after the first three months is available for a gift of $10.00 per month per block per web page. A "month" is from the first full day your ad is posted to the day before the same day the following month, for example, from February 20 to March 19 or August 31 to September 30.

    An e-newsletter of each media analysis is emailed to serveral hundred recipients. ANY option above will inlcude a hyperlink or one-line text information about your service or product in our e-newsletter.

    If you send us your pledge to participate and include a name, US mail address, and a phone number we may call to confirm the pledge, your link(s) will be posted the day we confirm the pledge. If you do not honor your pledge within three (3) business days of your notice to participate, your link(s) will be removed. If you do not have a graphic image for the link and want one, we can prepare a simple graphic for a reasonable fee. If you have a small graphic, send it as an attachment to an email message.

    We cannot guarantee this service nor can we offer refunds either partial or in full. Nor can we be held responsible for any change in your service or business by utilizing this service. Gifts from sites/businesses discovered to be offensive to Christian ethics and morals after link(s) posting will forfeit the gift in full. Finally, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse the content of any website or organization to which ours is linked. A check or money order in US dollars to the following address is acceptable:

    ChildCare Action Project
    P. O. Box 177
    Granbury, Texas, USA 76048-0177

    I will be happy to answer your questions by email. Thank you for choosing to advertise with us.

    Always in Jesus' name.

    Thomas A. Carder
    ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)

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    Thomas A. Carder
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