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We are very happy to provide for you a flyer, or announcement of the CAP ministry. The flyer/announcement describes basic CAP services and is perfect to introduce the CAP ministry to your friends and associates.

The flyer is designed as a two-sided, single sheet tri-fold mailing document but can be used as a handout to your church members, co-workers, grocery store clerks, anyone with children ("children" includes at-home teens).

Note that the flyer is in .pdf format which requires the Adobe Reader to be installed on your harddrive. If you do not have Adobe Reader, go to the Adobe website to
download a free copy of Adobe Reader.


Once loaded, Adobe Reader gives you full-featured viewing of the pages. When the flyer loads on your screen it will likely be sized to fit in your screen and will be difficult to read except on the very high-priced monitors. Click on the down-facing arrowhead in the lower left corner of the Adobe screen to reveal the popup menu of various magnifications to select the magnification that works best with your monitor.

All are welcome to download and print the flyer and distribute it as freely as you wish. This is an effort to make the CAP ministry known to everyone who breathes. I ask that you help us do so by distributing the flyer to anyone who does. High quality copyshop copies of the original of the flyer are available from us at cost plus shipping and will be shipped the day after we receive payment for the number you wish.
Email me if you wish to order some or have any questions. Or you are free to make your own copies from an original I will send you if you send to me a self-addressed stamped legal size (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches) envelope. Address all correspondence and orders to the CAP ministry to:

CAP Ministry
P. O. Box 177
Granbury, TX 76048-0177

Thank you and may our Lord richly bless you and all the lives your life touches.

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